Discover the world of Wisconsin's five distinct wine regions.  

Northwoods Region The wineries of the Northwoods offer great wine in idyllic settings.  Famous for its beautiful lakes as well as outstanding forest trails.  You're never a mile or two from a designated hiking or biking trail.

Driftless Region - The wineries of the Driftless Region offer more traditional varieties of grape wines than any other region.  The winding roads dictated by the rugged landscape invite travelers to savor the numerous rock formations, storybook farms and frequent panoramic views.

Glacial Hills Region - The Glacial Hills wineries combine historic surrounds, natural beauty and Old World traditions.  Pristine remnants of forests, meadows and glacial formations offer trail systems for hiking, biking, bird-watching or picnicking.

Fox Valley Region - The Fox Valley Region offer a mixture of working dairy farms, sprawling waterscapes and quiet communities.  This complex and thriving region presents the visitor with a surprising mix of shopping, dining and attractions - and some of the most interesting wineries in the state.

Door County Region - There's no place like the Door County Region, which offers an intriguing mix of charming small towns, eclectic shops and eateries, and coastal views reminiscent of America's Atlantic Coast.  You'll stumble upon fishing villages, small farms, numerous parks and nature areas that make this region a mesmerizing and rewarding place to explore.

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